About Memery

At Memery we want a world where we all feel connected. We believe that you form an emotional connection to things when you see them with your own eyes--or directly through someone else's. That's why we've set out to capture each important moment the world has to offer and make them accessible to everyone on the planet. Who decides what's important? You do. 

It's time to complement the glossy version of life shared through activity streams and filters with something more real. We've assembled an amazing team of people who believe in what we're doing, and we hope you will help too!



Chris Morace.png
Chris Morace, CEO
Cipora Herman.png
Cipora Herman, CFO
Josh Richau.png
Josh Richau, CTO


Adam Nash.png
Adam Nash
President & CEO
Chloe Sladden.png
Chloe Sladden
Jeehun Hwang.jpg
Jeehun Hwang
Brat Sounds
Shan Sinha.png
Shan Sinha
Founder & CEO
Stephanie Glass.jpg
Stephanie Glass
Product Marketing
Yu-kai Chou.png
Yu-Kai Chou
Gamification Expert
Octalysis Group